Better decision making through behaviour change.


The icons of bad decision making are all around us, from the Channel Tunnel, to the financial burden of a “successful” Olympic games, to the nbn in Australia to name a few.

The problem is that senior people get to power often by being more capable, harder working, and more socially skilled than the rest of us. But when in power they can become more impulsive, less empathetic and elitist. Worse still, they can be unaware of those changes.

What’s to be done?

Replacing them perpetuates the problem as power in turn will likely corrupt the new, as it did the old.

So, how do we get to keep our best people, yet improve decision making?

Change behaviour by changing context.

Inspired by the latest insights from the behavioural sciences and using his own intellectual property, Conor designs and implements pragmatic behaviour change interventions that extend top talent and result in better decision making.

This could involve business unit strategy review, governance process design, portfolio alignment with business strategy or PMO capability growth for instance.

What follows is a sample of some of his recent, publicly available work.